Doo Wop Music Lessons

Why take lessons at Doo Wop?

  • Doo Wop Shop offers lessons on piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, violin, ukulele, brass, woodwinds, and more!

  • The chance to begin or continue a life-long relationship with music!

  • Free rental instrument for one month with enrollment!

  • Instructors with professional degrees or the equivalent experience

  • Multiple opportunities for performance throughout the year

  • Research shows that children exposed to music lessons perform better academically

  • Learn lots of styles of music including rock, pop, metal, jazz, R&B, and classical

  • 30 minute or 1 hour private lessons available

  • Only 2 weeks of obligation to lessons

  • A variety of approaches to most instruments to cater to the needs of each individual student

  • Modern, sound-proofed studios with warm, comfortable design

  • A cozy lobby with several couches and chairs for waiting parents and children

  • Security features include: closed circuit video surveillance, full length glass doors for all studios, and background checks for all lesson instructors

Check out our roster of instructors. Peruse their credentials and get to know them. 

Check out our roster of instructors for more information.

Check out our roster of instructors for more information.

Doo Wop Music Lessons studio is located at 1950 Bonnycastle Ave., right across the street from our Highlands location.

Give us a call at (502) 434-7077 or (502) 456-5250 to get signed up today!

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