Yorkville LP-LED4 Stage Lighting System

The Yorkville LP LED4 stage lighting bar will give you all the stage lighting you need without the weight and heat of the old incandescent PAR can sets. Imagine that! Get off the stage without the sweat through your shirt! 4 pods of 4 16-watt LED RGBW bulbs will do everything you need to have a great stage setup, with sound-activated and manual programming. Add the Yorkville LP-C12 light controller and you will have even more to play with.


  • Four pods each with four RGBW (Red Green Blue White) 16 watt LEDs
  • 32 colors available from each pod when used with the LP-C12 controller
  • Connects to controller via stanard XLR mic cables
  • Audio chase accepts speaker or line level input
  • 3 speed chase
  • 3 speed color fade
  • Master intensity control
  • Color control for each pod


Monthly Rental $84.00

Weekly Rental $47.00