Yorkville 100KB Keyboard Amplifier

The 100KB combo amplifier delivers 100 Watts of clean power into a specially optimized 12-inch speaker/horn combination. The cabinet sounds much bigger than its appearance suggests due to the careful engineering and optimally matched components. Superior imaging has been achieved by transparently combining the custom design woofer with the 1-inch tweeter, which is mounted on a proprietary ABS horn.


  • 100 watt combo amplifier
  • Three discrete input channels
  • Channel 1 has 1 XLR mic input and 1 1/4" input
  • Channel 2 has 2 1/4" inputs and L/R RCA inputs
  • Channel 3 has 1 1/4" TRS input
  • 12-inch woofer & 1-inch ABS horn design
  • Internal spring reverb
  • Effect loop
  • Headphone out

Monthly Rental $34.00

Weekly Rental $19.00