Rehearsal Dinner Sound System

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l1 compact.jpg

Rehearsal Dinner Sound System


The Bose L1 Compact P.A. is the perfect unit for your Rehearsal Dinner. The Bose L1 is very quick to assemble and setup, making for a simple solution to having top quality sound at your dinner. The Bose L1 stores very compactly and is incredibly easy to transport. It has inputs for a microphone for toasts as well as an input for any prerecorded audio you might need, like a playlist from a digital device or audio from a wedding tribute video.

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  • Inputs for both a microphone and music from an digital device or video player

  • Integrated bass speaker in power stand for full range of sound

  • Easy to setup. Disassembles in seconds. Fits in the trunk of most vehicles easily

  • Discreet size is easy to hide in the corner while providing the entire room with high end audio

  • Includes audio cable for laptops or mobile phones