Reception Lighting Package for Up to 100 People

reception lighting small.jpg
reception lighting small.jpg

Reception Lighting Package for Up to 100 People


This lighting package is perfect for the small Wedding Reception. It includes 6 SlimPAR 64 stage lights for uplighting the walls and setting the perfect celebratory vibe. Additionally, there are two effect lights that automatically move to the music, creating a nightclub-like atmosphere when the party gets jumping. All of this equipment will fit in any car trunk with room to spare and sets up in minutes.

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  • (6) Chauvet SlimPAR 64 Stage Lights

  • (2) Chauvet or American DJ effect lights (model varies depending on availability)

  • Stand and 2 clamps for the effect lights

  • Easy set up and transport

  • Perfect for setting a celebratory vibe

  • All lights can move to music

  • Uplights also will remain static if preferred

  • Nightclub atmosphere once the dancing starts

  • Stand for lights included