5 Piece Drumset


5 Piece Drumset

from 28.00

Doo Wop Shop rents 5 piece drum kits such as the Mapex Voyager set and the Ludwig Accent. 5 piece kits include a bass drum, snare drum, two rack toms, and a floor tom. All drum sets come with hardware including a hi-hat stand, straight cymbal stand, boom cymbal stand, throne and snare stand. We also provide cymbals from Zildjian. A 5 piece kit includes a hi-hat cymbal pair, crash cymbal, and ride cymbal. Actual models and sizes will vary depending on stock.

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  • 5 piece drum set (kick drum, snare drum, 2 rack toms, floor tom)

  • Drum throne

  • Hi-hat, boom, and straight cymbal stands

  • Snare stand, single kick pedal, and tom mounts

  • Hi-hat pair, crash, and ride cymbals

  • Manufacturers include Ludwig, Mapex, and Zildjian

  • Models will vary according to stock at different locations