Selmer Prelude CL711 Clarinet

Selmer Prelude CL711 clarinet.jpg
Selmer Prelude CL711 clarinet.jpg

Selmer Prelude CL711 Clarinet


Based on the original designs of George Bundy’s student clarinets, Selmer clarinets offer construction that is built to last a lifetime. It's a perfect choice the beginning or intermediate school band student. Combining durable drop forged nickel silver keys, straight cut tone holes, and a satin wood like finish, these instruments will hold up year after year. 

As an affordable option for beginning students, the Prelude CL711 clarinet combines value and performance


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  • The small .569” complex bore gives students more resistance that helps develop a well controlled even focused mature sound with better projection at all dynamic levels.

  • Specially designed drop forged, nickel-silver keys are durable and resistant to bending.

  • The brushed composite body uses a denser material to provide a look, sound, and response similar to wood instruments.

  • Prelude instruments are offered with a stylish lightweight case for easy travel.