Conn 23H Tenor Trombone

Conn 23H trombone.jpg
Conn 23H trombone.jpg

Conn 23H Tenor Trombone


The Conn 23H is one of the finest student trombones available on the market. It is made in the USA exclusively for IMMG dealers. The instrument has a .500" bore and an 8" bell, along with a nickel silver crook. The 23H comes with a molded hardshell case and Bach 12C mouthpiece

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  • 8" two-piece yellow brass bell

  • .500" bore size, easy to play for beginners

  • Chrome plated nickel silver inner slide

  • Chrome plated hand grip

  • Nickel single radius crook

  • Bach 12C mouthpiece

  • Hardshell case

  • Made in the USA