Akai Studio MPC Recording Workstation

The Studio Black fuses legendary MPC production with the processing power of your computer. Its compact design is a minuscule 1.5” thin. Weighing in at less than two pounds, the Studio Black easily fits into a laptop bag or backpack. Its USB-powered and includes the powerful MPC Software for Mac and PC with 128-track sequencing capability. Equipped with the legendary MPC workflow, MPC Swing, plus powerful features such as “lazy” chop, you'll be producing great music in no time. A large LCD screen (360 x 96 dot graphic LCD) allows you to make tracks without having to look at your computer.


  • Maximum events: unlimited (based on CPU)

  • Resolution: 960 pulses per 1/4-note

  • Sequences: 128

  • Tracks per sequence: 128

  • Drum pad: 16 (velocity and pressure sensitive)

  • Drum pad banks: 8

  • Sync mode: MIDI clock, MIDI Time Code

  • Transport Controls: MIDI Machine Control

  • Polyphony: 64

  • Dynamic filtering: 1 State Variable Filter per voice (up to 8 pole, depending on type)

  • Filter types: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Band Boost, Band Stop, Analog Modeling, Vocal Formant

  • Number of programs: 128

  • Memory capacity: System Dependent. 2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)

  • Plugin Supported as Host: VST (Mac / PC), AU (Mac)

  • Plugin Formats Available to other DAWs: VST, AU (Mac Only)

  • Audio files supported: WAV, MP3, REX, AIFF, SND

  • Word lengths supported: 32 and 64-bit

  • Program Effects: 4 Insert Slots per Pad, 4 Sends to Track Effects per Pad

  • Track Effects: 4 Inserts and 4 stereo Sends per Track

  • Master effect: 4 Master Effect Slots Over 50 high-quality effects Included

  • Plugin Formats supported: VST (Mac / PC), AU (Mac)

Monthly Rental $28.00

Weekly Rental $16.00